Ep.236 – Unveiling the Winning Formula of Maruša Mišmaš: Training, Mindset, and Nutrition

11 months ago

Unveiling the Winning Formula of Maruša Mišmaš: Training, Mindset, and Nutrition

In this interview, Maruša Mišmaš, an accomplished athlete, talks about her recent competitions and training routine. She highlights her impressive national record of 9:10.07 in the 3000m steeplechase and attributes her success to her training with coach Wolfgang Heinig in Frankfurt.

Maruša also acknowledges the support of her husband in her running endeavours. Her training plan involves a structured approach, alternating between Slovenia and Frankfurt, with a focus on base training, running, interval training and gym sessions. She emphasises the importance of tracking training progress and keeping a training diary to identify any potential problems.

Recovery techniques such as massage, stretching and adequate rest and nutrition are crucial aspects of her programme. Maruša believes that mindset plays a vital role in distance running and recommends meditation to improve concentration. She shares her passion for photography and reading, and discusses how her early experiences in competition motivated her to train seriously. Maruša's journey into athletics was influenced by her parents' emphasis on an active lifestyle, and joining a dedicated group of athletes during high school was a turning point in her commitment to training.

She talks about her goals for the World Championships and the Olympics, as well as her determination to overcome previous injuries. Injury prevention measures such as massage and cross-training are also part of her routine. Maruša reflects on her experience of competing in the Tokyo Olympics during the COVID-19 pandemic and emphasises the importance of gratitude and pride in one's work. Finally, she reveals her favourite and least favourite types of training, giving an in-depth insight into her life as an elite athlete.

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